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Horse Drawn Stuff
Hitch wagon set up for 6
Price: $10000
Wagons , Located in Vankleek Hill, Ontario
Horse Drawn Stuff
Draft show cart
Price: $1750
Show Carts , Located in Bronson, Iowa
Horse Drawn Stuff
Price: $2800
Carriages , Located in Ormond Beach, Florida
Horse Drawn Stuff
1912 Emerson Brantingham Doctors 4-Wheel Black Buggy
Price: $2250
Carriages , Located in Oakland, Iowa
Horse Drawn Stuff
Hay-Ride Wagon with Bench Seats
Price: $3800
Wagons , Located in Lisbon, Connecticut
Horse Drawn Stuff
Several Roberts Carriages for sale
Price: $3500
Carriages , Located in Raymond, Mississippi
Horse Drawn Stuff
Two seated surrey
Price: $1600
Carriages , Located in New London, Wisconsin
Horse Drawn Stuff
" Dogcart" Show Cart
Price: $2500
Show Carts , Located in Piffard, New York
Horse Drawn Stuff
Two seat surrey carriage
Price: $3200
Carriages , Located in Atec, New Mexico
Horse Drawn Stuff
covered wagon
Price: $1000
Wagons , Located in Enid, Oklahoma


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